Pup’s Ear Falls Off After Master Elected To Dye Them


It appears an owner desired to dye her dog’s ears bright red and alas, the teeny dog’s ear has fallen off. Animal advocates are irate, naturally.

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The dog, Diffy, had recently visited a grooming salon and the owner instructed them to dye the Pomeranian’s tail and ears a bright red color.

The groomer honored the requested and it consisted of placing the hound’s ears in foil for roughly 40 minutes. It wasn’t long after it occurred that the dog’s master detected the animal’s ears were drooping. They usually stick out straight.

When the two returned back to the grooming salon, she advised them that the pet’s ears did not ‘look right’. The salon explained that the ears would perk up within a few days. As you’ve already guessed – they were totally wrong.

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In essence, the dog was having a grievous reaction due to the fact it was a product not suitable for an animal. The master peered at the ears and noticed that they seemed to be burning. Diffy’s ears began to itch after some hours and soon, she witnessed the skin flaking off.

“Diffy’s left ear is now falling off because of the color dye. The pet groomer put too much dye on him. My dog’s ear was itchy, burnt, turned black, cracked, and eventually fell off,” said the owner online following the mishap. “I don’t blame the grooming store but I blame myself for wanting to have his ears dyed.”

After viewing the images of the dog online, Neeyada Sirisampandh (owner of the dog rescue group Mid Road Lover) posted: “Let this be a lesson to other dog owner’s. It is dangerous to dye your puppy’s fur. This dog’s ear looks like it suffered an allergic reaction and was burned. Then it fell off. Her ear is gone forever. It’s all the owner’s fault for trying to color them.”


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