Ghostbusters Director Fires Back At Twitter Trolls, Yet Again

[Photo credit: Guardian]

The new Ghostbusters film has gathered tons of praise and criticism. Threats of boycotting the new film started the minute the rendition was announced by director, Paul Feig. Feig’s idea to center the film around a hilarious all-female cast brought complaints from people claiming the film was just “appease feminists.” However, Feig continued to ignore the haters via social media. He claimed he was just trying to make a hilarious movie.

In fact, Feig stands by his Ghostbusters remake so much that he is taking all of the hate in stride.

The Ghostbusters remake, which will feature Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, continues to be the subject of fodder for Twitter trolls everywhere. In fact, the latest social media uproar is from those complaining that African-American Leslie Jones’ “street-smart” character teaming up with three academic white women (McCarthy, Wiig and McKinnon). Calling it a case of “casual racism,” Twitter trolls attacked Feig’s film once again. This time going after the female cast, especially Jones.

Feig wasn’t having any of it. He quickly came to Jones’ defense.

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