Getting Into Character? Woman Drives Away In Booted BMW After Bad Girls Club Audition [Video]

Bad Girls Club

Well, that’s one way to get casted! Pay attention producers, this woman was caught on camera driving her booted BMW away from a very unlikely event, a Bad Girls Club audition.

After auditioning for the popular reality show, the Houston, Texas woman comes out to the parking lot to find her car being booted. The video shows her arguing with the man booting her car and proceeding to drive off, boot and all. The boot wasn’t properly secured before the woman drives off and eventually falls off the tire. Of course, not before the lady causes plenty of damage to her BMW.

She seems to definitely fit the bill of a Bad Girls Club member. Airing on the Oxygen channel, the hit reality show puts a group of notorious partying girls with anger problems under one roof. I know what you’re thinking, but ratings don’t lie.

Maybe this lady was just trying to stay in character and persuade producers? Maybe she is just crazy. Either way, she belongs on show.



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