‘The Interview’ Scene North Korea Doesn’t Want Us To See [Video]

Randall Park

It is ‘The Interview’ scene North Korea doesn’t want the world to see.

This clip is reportedly the movie’s death scene of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. It was uploaded to the popular video-sharing site, liveleak.com


Katy Perry’s hit, ‘Firework’ plays as a missile heads for the dictator’s plane. The leader is consumed in flames as the explosion overtakes the aircraft in slow motion. The scene is obviously comedic. Making the whole threat of a terroristic act seem even more ridiculous.

The choice of song is even funny, because of Kim Jong-un’s father (Kim Jong-il) rumored obsession with Katy Perry. There was once even a rumor that he planned to kidnap her. Sounds like a North Korean plan to me.

Everyone is in an uproar about the cancellation of the release of ‘The Interview’. Sony pulled the plug on the controversial comedy, but it seems clips of the movie keep popping up all over the internet.

As the videos continue to turn up, many are speculating that several Torrent sites are offering the full-length film. It’s like Sony is being hacked or something!? Of course, that could never happen.



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