Young Refugee Denied Asylum Because He Is Not ‘Gay Enough’


Asylum was denied for an 18-year-old boy from Afghanisatan because his clothing or behavior “doesn’t hint he could be homosexual.”

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An Afghan 18-year-old man arrived in Austria as a minor, seeking protection — also due to his sexual orientation.

However, the BFA in Wiener Neustadt does not believe he is gay — because he is not ‘gay enough’.

“Neither your gait, your behavior or your clothing have even hinted approximately that you could be homosexual,“ the asylum ruling says.

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In another part of the decision, the official explains it’s reported “that you have more frequent conflicts with other roommates.“

This is pertinent to the case because “there is an aggressive potential that would not be expected in a homosexual.“

The personal life of the teen even gives the official an inkling that the Afghan is not gay: “It can be read in the report that you don’t have many friends. Are not homosexuals sociable?”

An additional highlight in the document: “It’s absolute nonsense that you have kissed even many not-gay boys,“ because: “If you had actually done this with a non-homosexual boy, you would have received terrible beatings. No man can be kissed by another man if he is not gay. That is completely unthinkable. “

The verdicts denying LGBT refugee applications are ofttimes “grossly deficient“, said Julia Valenta, legal advisor to Queer Base, an NGO for LGBT refugees.

“We too have the feeling that there is enormous pressure from politicians to make as many asylum applications as possible negative.“


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