Trump Says The LGBT Community Loves Him


That’s what he said.

Donald Trump is at it again with a brand new tweet that’s got us all knotted up, because it kinda seems as if he sincerely believes the LGBT community … loves… him? and that they want protecting by him?

Er… We’re not sure how to feel about this, but we know this is supremely awkward after his humble brag about the Orlando hate crime mass shooting.

So first off, Hillary reminded him of some helpful advice she’d given him a few days ago.

We can only imagine what his fans feel about him saying this.

Let’s take a better look at the cold, hard numbers o where Trump stands with his LGBT constituents, shall we?

Not to mention he’s hinted many times during his campaign that he’d remove the right to marry for the LGBT community, much to his supporters’ glee.

Um… Have some beans. They’re good for memory loss.

And just in case it’s still unclear:


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