‘Full House’ Puppet Mr. Woodchuck Is Oddly Popular On Twitter, Even Without A Face

Mr Woodchucks Face Eaten Off

Remember when Uncle Joey would pull out Mr. Woodchuck and start telling really corny jokes about wood? It turns out that the sitcom puppet is a big hit with Twitter users.

Joe recently sat down with Mashable and revealed:

“I do have Mr. Woodchuck, but I will tell you my dog ate his face off. I have a yellow lab named Ranger. I put Mr. Woodchuck at the end of the hallway here at my home, and when Ranger was a puppy he would growl at Mr. Woodchuck. So one day I came home and I walked in the front door and I saw Mr. Woodchuck’s eye and a bunch of foam on the floor and my dog had basically eaten his face.”

While the actual Mr. Woodchuck puppet has suffered a horrible disfigurement Twitter users continue to reference the well-known character. Here are just a few sampling from the Mr. Woodchuck Twitterverse:

Even when just addressing real world Woodchuck’s Twitter users prefer the name “Mr. Woodchuck.”

Uncle Joey will always be known for his goofy ways and Dave Coulier should be proud of creating such an iconic and goofy puppet character. Now someone for the love of god get that man a new puppet because sticking his hand through Mr. Woodchuck’s face is just plain creepy.

Kokou Adzo

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