Breaking Bad’s ‘Ozymandias’ Punches Social Media In The Feels [Twitter Reacts]

breaking bad

Breaking Bad fans have been freaking out over “Ozymandias,” the most mind-blowing episode of the oft-brain obliterating AMC drama.

While Breaking Bad fans loved “Ozymandias,” there is also a bit of effort being expended not to spoil the insanely twist-filled third to last ep for others who have DVRed it or have to wait for their viewing partner to be free to watch.

That didn’t stop everyone else from having a crazy social media meltdown over what happened in “Ozymandias,” and if you can’t tell, we’re trying not to spoil it either for you people who are clearly not making an effort to avoid spoilers — because we could totally ruin it for you right now.

Over on Twitter, reactions were shrill but fitting, like this one from star Emily Osment:

Arcane details were pointed out:

Stats were shared:

Everyone was honest:

Aaron Paul was Aaron Paul:

And no spoilers, we hear it gets worse:

How did your Twitter react to Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias?”

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