Social E-Commerce Platform Chirpify Launches Buy, Donate, And Vote #Actiontags

Chirpify Announces ActionTags

Social e-commerce platform Chirpify has released a new feature called “#Actiontag.” The platform combines #buy, #donate and #vote options with a second hashtag which then turns social messages into user transactions.

Chirpify is using the #Actiontag platform to run campaigns alongside marketers. Users combine a specific hashtag with another hashtag that is specifically developed for a certain event or promotion. Users can include the tags in Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram posts. The company hopes to launch hashtag support for more social channels in the feature.

When hashtags are used together they initiate in-stream transactions through the company’s commerce platform. Testing out the new feature are Forever 21, MasterCard and NPR’s Live Wire.

Chirpify acknowledges that its hashtag configuration could be hijacked but maintains that existing retail partnerships and tested technology make it hard to duplicate.

After launching its Tweet A Beer promotion last year the company has gained a ton of recognition and raised $6 million in series A funding at the end of July.

Social networks would be smart to directly partner with Chirpify since the company’s platform keeps users directly inside the social stream. Twitter could especially benefit from such platforms as the company prepares for its big IPO launch.

Not familiar with Chirpify? Here’s an interview with company founder and CEO Chris Teso:

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