Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks National Security, Immigration And ‘Super-Grounded’ Wife

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Meets With Policymakers In Washington

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took part in a question and answers session for a Newseum crowd on Wednesday. The billionaire social network investor talked to the crowd about national security, immigration issues, and even about his “super-grounded” wife Priscilla Chen,

Speaking for an hour with interviewer James Bennet of The Atlantic Zuckerberg opened up to his audience while sporting his trademark hoodie.

In recent years Zuckerberg has attempted to start an increasingly big movement towards personal causes. He started with Internet.Org and the hopes of uniting the next billion people and then followed up with Fwd.us to lobby on the issue of immigration. According to Zuckerberg the US must engage in comprehensive immigration reform that allows highly skilled workers to enter and live in the United States.

As the crowd offered a round of applause Zuckerberg proclaimed:

“Eleven million people is a lot of people who are being treated unfairly right now.

Zuckerberg, always the optimist, proclaimed that government isn’t broken on the whole but that he has had to adjust his way of thinking to deal with political hurdles. Talking about the negative publicity Fwd.us received after funding political ads for conservative politicians on topics other than immigration Zuckerberg said, “There’s a lot of debug to making this work,” Zuckerberg said. “One thing that has been interesting and challenging is trying to get senior folks on both parties to meet. … There were difficulties there that I was shocked about.”

When asked about his own political backing he simply called himself “pro-knowledge economy.”

On the topic of data collection Facebook’s founder says National Security Agency (NSA) programs such as PRISM undermine public trust in companies like Facebook. It is for that reason that Mark and company have engaged with Google, Twitter, and others to ask for permission to release transparent data request figures to users.

Zuckerberg met with policy makers during his trip and after those meetings a Facebook spokeswoman released the following statement:

“Mark is here to listen and to learn, and to share his perspective on the knowledge economy, the importance of immigration reform and a number of other issues members of Congress are interested in. He knows how busy members are and he’s thrilled that they made time to meet with him today.”

Speaking about his wife Priscilla Chen the billionaire tech mogul proclaimed: She’s super-grounded: She finished college.” Despite marrying a billionaire investor Priscilla Chen is still actively pursuing her life-long dream to become a doctor.

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