Frightening Moment Women Felt “Arms Wrap Around Her” – Only to Realise She’s Home Alone

This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession

Halloween is long over, but fortunately ghost stories are fun all-year-round. 

A woman claims to have had a spooky encounter earlier this month, which has caused her to “question everything” she believes.

Mumsnet user InSwamTiddler says she has always been sceptical about the supernatural, doesn’t believe in spirits or the afterlife, and works in a science-related career.

However, she recently moved back to her childhood home, where her father passed away nine years ago, and after undergoing a creepy experience, she is beginning to wonder if her dad’s ghost is still hanging around. 

Posting to Mumsnet, she said: “My mum has mentioned a few times over the years that she’s felt my dad’s presence here and I’ve always been openly kind to her about it.

“She’s mentioned she’s felt pressure on the bed as if someone has sat down on it next to her for example.”

The poster said she always put her mother’s experiences down to her grieving mind, but after her own brush with the paranormal, she’s not so sure. 

“Anyway, this morning [my partner] has left for work and I was still in bed. I was listening to him brushing his teeth, then popping the kettle on so I was definitely awake, but a little drowsy.

“I felt him get back into bed with me and thought ‘what’s he doing?’… it’s not unusual for him to pop back into the bedroom and give me a hug or kiss before leaving the house.

“I felt the heaviness of him pressed against my back and his arms wrapped around me. There was a heat between my shoulder blades I have never felt before but I wasn’t scared but I knew it wasn’t [my partner] then.

“I heard the front door open so [partner] was leaving the house. Then my whole back went tingly a bit like pins and needles but not in an unpleasant way.

“When it was happened I felt calm and warm but I’m freaking out now and can’t stop crying. Sounds silly but I feel like it may have been my dad.”

Responses to her post have been mixed. One commenter suggested she may have experienced sleep paralysis, saying: “Most people imagine or hear things in that in-between sleep stage. I’ve had sleep paralysis and that can feel like a heavy feeling but you have no movement, your essentially locked in till your body wakes up with your mind.”

But others shared similar stories. One user said: ” I saw my grandmother on the morning she died. I also saw my old family dog many times in the months after her died. I feel there’s more to the universe than we understand.”

While another added: ” My dad passed away 8 years ago and I have almost lost count of the amount that of weird things that have happened over the years… 

“It would be easy to dismiss it as mind playing tricks or grief or whatever but some of it was witnessed by my husband who never met my dad.”

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