Woman Decorates Her House Like Concentration Camp For Halloween, Because People Never Learn

Woman Decorates Her House Like Concentration Camp For Halloween, Because People Never Learn

It’s common sense not to dress your child up as Hitler for Halloween, yet multiple parents were caught doing it AGAIN in 2018.

Still, this woman took offensive to the next level, and decorated her house like a concentration camp.

From skeletons making Nazi salutes, to “prisoners” wearing the Star of David, neighbors in New Port Richey, Florida, were understandabbly disturbed by the scene.

The controversial display also included a sign that read “Arbeit Macht Frei” – which translate to “work sets you free” and can be found above the entrance to the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz.

New Port Richey resident Mitchell Katz told WLFA: “It sickens me. I’m Jewish, this says she [the home owner] hates Jews and we should die.”

While neighbor Iris Hookway added: “It sickens me, it sickens me.  I couldn’t fall asleep the first night I found out about it.”

The home has been identified as belonging to Susan Lamerton, who allegedly chose the decorations as a protest against the Homeowner’s association.

The ongoing dispute with the HOA is said to be over a landscaping issue, and when WFLA asked her about the display, she responded with: “They’re trying to take my house. Don’t you understand?

“I have freedom of speech, they have freedom of speech. They need to leave my property.”

Shockingly, Lamerton also claimed to be Jewish, and said that if anyone has a problem with her decor they can just leave. Neighbors have since contacted local police about the issue, who said that the decorations are protected under free speech and therefore legal.

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