Former Trump Supporters Reveal What Got Them To Hop Off The Crazy Train

Former Trump Supporters

Not everyone who voted for President Donald Trump is satisfied with how his presidency is going, leading many to switch sides. The same group of people who were running around in “Make America Great Again” hats and “Trump Hillary” t-shirts are now joining the anti-Trump movement, finally giving Democrats the satisfaction of being right. Of course, we’re still curious as to what led them to change their minds. Fortunately, a few former Trump supporters revealed what got them to hop off the crazy train.

Trump’s Islamaphobia

Former Trump Supporters

Trump’s Islamaphobia has spread, resulting in prejudice in our country nearly as bad as it was right after 9/11. While most of Trump’s supporters are onboard with his anti-Muslim actions, a few had enough common sense to hop off the bandwagon like this former Trump supporter:

“When he said he wanted to profile Muslims already in the U.S. Like, no bitch, those are American citizens like you and I.” – Reddit User SkylineGitiare

At least there are some Republicans out there who recognize the signs of a Nazi regime when they see one. Perhaps there’s still some hope for our country after all!

Trump’s Moronic Ramblings

Former Trump Supporters

While many of Trump’s supporters seem to understand his moronic ramblings and agree with them on top of that, some are smart enough to see this as a red flag. It’s safe to say that Trump’s public speaking skills are questionable at the very least, but he still somehow manages to maintain supporters. Well, not all of them. This supporter reveals why they had to walk away:

“The fact that his rambling sounds like something out of a dementia or manic bipolar patient. I wanted someone that would shake up the system…but not like ‘Yuuuuge Earthquake levels entire country, millions feared dead.’” – Reddit User dat_joke

Trump Could Potentially Destroy The World

Former Trump Supporters

While Democrats have been pointing out that Trump’s erratic behavior could potentially lead to a nuclear war, his supporters just love to dismiss his idiotic threats. They think he’s joking or being sarcastic, and they’ll likely think that way until the moment evidence of World War III starts making headlines. Fortunately, not all of Trump’s supporters are that stupid.

“I was never really a Trump supporter by any means, but I was also very anti-Hillary. That is, until I saw that Trump is fully in favor of the stockpiling and eventual use of atomic weapons. Hillary may be a lying, cheating, criminal or whatever you want to call her, but Trump is the first candidate that I’ve been legitimately afraid could end the world as we know it. Nuclear weapons are the most devastating things ever created by mankind, and they certainly should not be controlled by an egotistical sociopath.” – Reddit User Mistward

Trump Considered Crashing The Economy

Former Trump Supporters

When the economy crashed back in 2008, it took us years to recover from it. That is if you can say we’ve recovered at all. This former Trump supporter had to walk away when Trump spoke about taking action that would bring us back to that dark place.

“… Remember the crash in 2008? Yeah, the whole world economy crash triggered by a relatively small bond fund that ‘broke the buck’ or had to ‘renegotiate’ as Trump would say. He said he’d consider doing the same on US debt which is tens of thousands of times bigger and more interconnected. If somehow he’d do a partial default we’d be back to bartering. I’m not really exaggerating either. It took us 7 years to get out of 2008. We’d take a few decades to get out of what damage he’d cause …” – Reddit User biffbobfred

Trump Is Racist

Former Trump Supporters

For many of Trump’s supporters, the fact that he’s a racist was the factor that encouraged them to give him their vote. They all want to build that wall, but none of them want to pay for it. This former Trump supporter was on the fence until the president made a racist comment about a judge.

“When he said a judge wasn’t fit for judging because he was Hispanic. I was on the fence before that shit.” – Reddit User TheGuyWhoLikesThings

You’d think he would have known that Trump wasn’t a fan of Hispanics when called Mexicans rapists and criminals, but some of us are just slower than others.

Trump Stated Women Should Be Punished For Having Abortions

Former Trump Supporters

We all know that Trump claims to be pro-life just to get votes from conservatives. There’s just no way he hasn’t paid for a few abortions over the years since we all know he is quite the whore. When questioned about his desire to ban abortions throughout the country, he talked about punishing women who sought out underground options. For this former Trump supporter, that was the last straw.

“The punishing women who seek abortions comments made me sick. I was mostly supporting him because I thought it was funny, and it suddenly wasn’t funny to me after he said that.” – Reddit User BillyJackO

Trump Inspired The Neo-Nazis To Come Out Of Hiding

Former Trump Supporters

Trump has inspired a significant amount of hate in our country and even managed to give neo-Nazis the courage to come out of hiding. Instead of keeping KKK meetings on the DL, they’re taking off their hoods and hitting the streets with torches. Tiki torches, but still. At least one of Trump’s supporters is smart enough to recognize this as a problem.

Seeing all the literal neo-nazis and utterly brainwashed ignorant fools who think they’re enlightened posting memes on the_donald all the time, straight after criticising the Sanders campaign for being keyboard warriors, the hypocrisy is just too much.” – Reddit User thisguyisULTRAdumb

Trump Denying Climate Change

Former Trump Supporters

Considering that Americans contribute to most of the world’s pollution, we should also contribute to leaving a less permanent mark on our planet. Instead, we’re doing the opposite and Trump’s supporters couldn’t care less. They’ll do anything to keep a few extra dollars in their pockets. At least this one former Trump supporter has some common sense.

“I don’t know if I was ever a full on Trump supporter, but when he and Clinton both got the nomination for their respective parties, I was actually leaning more toward Trump. However, his denial of climate change completely changed my mind. I’m not one to get caught up in the doom and gloom of many articles about the climate changing, but there is absolutely ZERO reason not to invest time, money, and energy into renewable/cleaner power sources. Especially now, when there has been so much research done and everything is so much less expensive than it was even 10-15 years ago.” – Anonymous Reddit User

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