This Is Why The Rest Of The World Can’t Stand Americans

Can't Stand Americans

It’s safe to say that Americans aren’t exactly well-liked among citizens of other countries around the world. With Donald Trump in the White House these days, it should come as no surprise that the United States has become the butt of all of their jokes. But for once, it’s not Trump’s fault. Even before the president was a thought in his parent’s minds, Americans have had a pretty bad reputation. Here’s a look at why the rest of the world can’t stand Americans.

Americans Are Arrogant

Can't Stand Americans

Americans think they’re the best. The richest, the smartest, the hottest. We’re arrogant, and the world knows it. They see it when they watch our reality shows or read an interview with one of our actors. They see it when we travel to their country, get wasted, puke in a bar, and wave our money around at someone to clean it up.

The U.S. Has American Football And Soccer

Can't Stand Americans

Europeans take soccer very seriously. While the game isn’t as popular here in America, they pretty much despise the fact that we don’t call it “futbol” and have our own version of football that is completely unrelated to the original sport. They don’t even use their feet in the NFL, it really makes no sense. I’m going to have to agree with them on this point.

Americans Are Fat

Can't Stand Americans

Americans are known for our love of fast food, family-sized portions, and processed foods. We’re the fattest country in the world, and citizens of other countries find our gluttony repulsive. They think that all we did is sit around drinking our super-sized sodas and eating triple cheeseburgers as we lazily pack on the pounds in front of our flatscreen TVs.


Can't Stand Americans

There is no doubt that America is a capitalist country. We care more about money than our citizens. The dollar bill is more important than health care than housing veterans, and especially more important than ensuring people receive a livable wage. American greed also affects our relationships with other countries, and understandably, they hate us for it.

We Wrap Our Cheese In Plastic

Can't Stand Americans

One of the biggest pet peeves foreigners have when visiting America is the fact that we keep our cheese in individual plastic wrappers. Apparently, this is not a common practice. Nor is the amount of preservatives you’ll find in these types of cheese products. Not to mention the odd gooey texture. Our country makes it pretty difficult to find healthy options for tourists to munch on.

Americans Are Ignorant

Can't Stand Americans

Americans think they’re superior to countries around the world, but our knowledge of other cultures is quite limited. Other countries view us as ignorant and feel that we see us as separate from the rest of the world. Rather than humans living on the same planet, we see ourselves as separate and superior to the rest of the world.

Our Trashy Television Culture Has Spread

Can't Stand Americans

While we might find stupid people on television entertaining, not everyone agrees. Our country exploits people for the sake of television ratings with competitive shows like American Idol and The Bachelor, and they’ve spread across the globe. This has caused American culture to seep into the cultures of other countries, and they don’t necessarily appreciate it.

Americans Are Skeptical About Climate Change

Can't Stand Americans

Climate change is a global issue, so when a country the size of ours decides not to contribute to preserving the planet, it’s basically a big F-you to the rest of the world. So, while everyone is putting in the time, money, and effort to sustain the earth’s natural resources, Americans are just hanging out at home, watching their crappy reality TV and unwrapping their cheeses to make a sandwich that they probably don’t need. At least, that’s what everyone is thinking. Can you really blame them for hating us? We did our part when it came to destroying the planet, and now we’re doing nothing to fix it. Kind of makes me hate us too.

The American Military Is Always Getting Involved

Can't Stand Americans

Our military is always getting involved in the political issues of other countries. If this were high school, America would be the bitch that always feels the need to butt-in when people are fighting, or couples break up. No one likes that person. America is that person. Except, when we butt-in, people always end up dead. Most countries wish we would just mind our own business.

American History Is Cringe-Worthy

Can't Stand Americans

Our country is responsible for some incredibly horrific massacres over the years, and while our history teachers may have glossed over their severity, the rest of the world isn’t so quick to forget. We built our country on the land of the people we murdered, and now we treat their ancestors like garbage. Then we kidnapped people from Africa and forced them into slavery for a few dozen decades. Oh, and we also treat their ancestors like garbage. Then there are our most recent douchebag moves, such as throwing immigrant children in cages after separating them from their parents, leaving New Orleans to fend for itself after Hurricane Katrina and then doing the same to Puerto Rico, doing nothing about the water in Flint, ignoring the shootings that happen now on a daily basis, etc. Wouldn’t you hate us if you were looking in as an outsider?

Americans Are Shallow

Can't Stand Americans

Our country is more focused on appearance than most others, giving us a reputation for being shallow. We spend all of our hard earned money on gym memberships, plastic surgeries, and bras that add a cup size. This doesn’t go unnoticed when we travel abroad or when tourists visit the United States, and it leaves many foreigners with a bad taste in their mouths.  

Americans Talk Too Loud

Can't Stand Americans

It would seem that our need to shout into our phones while riding public transportation or engage in conversations in a restaurant that the kitchen staff can hear isn’t so appealing to those in other countries. In fact, they find it obnoxious, rude, and quite baffling. If you’re traveling abroad and aren’t feeling too welcome in a local bar, this might be the reason. Our loud way of talking is one of the biggest telltale signs that we’re an American tourist, and as you now know, the rest of the world really can’t stand us!


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