Florida Man Uses Squirt Gun To Shoot Urine At Woman, Has No Remorse

Photo by TheFederalistPapers.org

Plenty of people who commit crimes are often reluctant and even repentant with what they did. After all, not many people are born criminals or are inherently evil. Then, along came the Florida men who are neither good nor bad; they just want to see the world burn. Well, one Florida man did– he even filled a squirt gun with his own urine… to shoot random people with it.

71-year-old Joel Benjamin resides in Gulfport, Florida, US. One would think that he is a venerable wise old man due to his age, but perhaps something in Florida’s waters got to him. So, on Saturday night, Benjamin grabbed a squirt gun and filled it with his own pee, passing it off as a brilliant nefarious plan like a Sunday morning cartoon villain. Here he is:

Photo by Pinellas County

Afterward, Benjamin looked for victims, and the immediate one he saw was a 50-year-old local woman who was walking her dog. Benjamin allegedly walked up to her and proceeded to fire his squirt gun’s load– the urine, at the woman. The police shortly caught up to Benjamin after his alleged crime and oddly enough, he claimed that he did not regret doing it.

Benjamin also showed no remorse with what he did with his urine squirt gun and even added that he would “do it again” when he was interrogated by the authorities. Despite that, it wasn’t clear what Benjamin’s motive was as he also didn’t say why he harassed the woman. Apparently, he lived nearby the victim, in a different apartment complex.

Authorities surmise that the Florida man could have been against his neighbors not restraining their dogs well enough, something that could have irritated Benjamin. Regardless, he was charged with misdemeanor battery and was given a $500 bond. He was released after paying the bond and is probably out getting ready with a bigger squirt gun and more pee.

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