Floating Backpack Is Surreal But Will Save You From Lifetime Of Shoulder Pains

Photo by Lightning Packs

Every once in a while we get inventions of questionable importance and practicality, however, among those is bound to be a diamond in the rough. So how does one determine how useful an invention is? Well, you check if it was initially made for the military. Those guys get the best inventions first, and rightly so. The recent one being the floating backpack, which left the internet with jaws wide open in wonder.


Last month, a new breed of backpack was introduced and it was named HoverGlide. It has been touted as the solution to backpack problems, particularly for those who like to pack heavy. Oh, by the way, it also does not hover but appears to be doing so because of how it was made. Here it is in action, imagine the possibilities:

No, you’re not dreaming or overly stressed and neither did you have one too many cups of coffee, that bag is for real. What appears to be an optical illusion and some video editing magic is actually the bag in action. It is made to bounce or “float” that way when the wearer is moving in order to reduce the baggage weight by more than 80 percent. Now all you have to worry about while traveling is the emotional baggage instead of the physical one. Be sure to check the comments section of the video below:

Also, it was first invented for the military since a lot of soldiers in Afghanistan are often burdened with having to carry heavy loads in their bags. The HoverGlide was apparently made as an answer to that and for general use as well. It works by utilizing a highly elastic rubber placed on the frame behind the bag. It’s not done yet, of course, but it’s on its way there with a Kickstarter page for funding, so put your back into it if you want this bag technology to become a norm.

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