Flipboard Adds LinkedIn Integration, More Social Options

Heavy iPad users often love Flipboard due to its ability to visualize news and streamline feeds.

Expect Flipboard love to increase thanks to the update, Flipboard 1.5. A series of new additions and expansions have been made to Flipboard’s functionality, including integration with the popular business network LinkedIn and a few more social upgrades. One of the more noticeable Flipboard 1.5 updates is allowing unlimited Favorites, up from the former limit of 21.

Another addition is content based on popularity in “Popular on Flipboard,” a little red notation highlighting stories that are user favorites. Flipboard describes the new LinkedIn functionality as like a magazine, and it automatically will “surface” three industries for you based on your LinkedIn profile.

The “social” aspect of the new Content Guide on Flipboard is far more sharing-oriented, allowing you to push information out to contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Instagram, Flickr and LinkedIn so you can share judiciously.

Have you given the new Flipboard features a shot yet? What do you think?



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