Five Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in this Pandemic

Father's day

Father’s day is just around the corner and nothing, even a pandemic, should stop us from celebrating our #1 HEROES. Our number one priority should always be the safety and health of the family. This is why caution is important while the world is still suffering from this pandemic. However, the current condition of the world should not let us down. Instead, let us celebrate life and love in creative ways and show our appreciation for one of the greatest creations of the world – our fathers.

Father's day
Celebrate Father’s day on the 21st of June! Image Source: Pixabay

Here are a few ways to celebrate Father’s day while making sure our families are safe:

#1 One, Two, Three…Zoom Parties!

Let’s be real, traveling in this pandemic is not really ideal. Especially when our parents are already in the senior age group. Visiting them, for when we don’t live with them, might pose a great risk to their health. To ensure the safety of our loved ones, keeping distance is the way to go. How do we celebrate Father’s day when we are away from our family? VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLS.

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The internet is such a wonderful thing. It could connect families which are thousands of miles apart. Seeing family members on video is not as good as hugging them in person, but it is so much better than not seeing them at all. We may not be able to hug them for real, but hearing their voices and seeing their smiling faces is sure to warm up anyone’s day. Thank goodness for the wonders of the internet!

#2 Home Movies and chill

Can’t take your dad out to the movies? Why not build a movie theater in your own living room? All you need is a TV, a feel-good movie, comfy blankets, and popcorn. Maybe turning it into a themed pajama party is a better idea. There are a lot of great movies to watch with dad on Father’s day. With the widespread popularity of online media services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more, watching a film with the family is so easy to do. Maybe you could gift your dad a whole year’s worth of subscription so you could do movie dates at home regularly.

For a more creative idea, why not collect and compile all your dad’s favorite sports replays so you could watch them together. That way, both of you could re-live the glory of your favorite teams while spending time together with good comfort food and a few bottles of beer.

#3 DIY Fine Dining for Father’s day

Almost everyone became an instant chef due to quarantine. Why not impress your dad with your new-found skills in the kitchen? Taking your dad out to fine dining restaurants for Father’s day is always the sweetest. But a homemade candlelit dinner makes it so much more intimate and enjoyable. Every laughter and tear is worth your bucks.

A three-course meal for father’s day is easy to do for the number one man in your heart. There are a number of appetizers with recipes available online that use up the most basic ingredients in the pantry. Make sure to keep it simple, yet delectable. If it is fine dining, there are a number of elegant (but easy) hors d’ oeuvres that you could choose from. Why not experiment on some deviled egg recipes? Maybe baked bacon-wrapped asparagus look fancier. For a more elegant twist, why not try some tasty salad sprinkled with mouthwatering, exotic goodies like coconut, or kiwis?

For the main course, a good piece of grilled steak with a side of mashed baked vegetables, and gravy is a sure-fire way to impress. Homemade gelato for dessert is always an easy, yet elegant, choice.

#4 A Surprise in the Mail is a Surprise from the heart

If you ever saw your dad looking at stuff online but never buys them, this is the best time to give them a surprise. Anyone who is not all about the grand events, the cooking, the craft making, and whatever can do this idea with ease. All it takes is a click of a finger, a short swipe, a few days, and voila! A Father’s day surprise in the mail.

#5 Father’s day Errand Runs

A good father’s day surprise does not have to be expensive. If finances are tight due to the pandemic, simple favors could be a great way to give back to your dad. For instance, help him finish up the home project he had been working on – a paint job, a leaky sink, or whatever. Maybe, mow the lawn or rake the leaves from the yard. Be his personal chauffeur and drive him around town for his errands. Better yet, run the errands yourself and give your dad a day to just relax at home.

What is important is that you make him feel that you love him and appreciate him for all the things he had sacrificed for the family. Spending time with your dad, if you live at home or live miles away, is the most special gift any child could give their dads of Father’s day.

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