Father Gives Daughter A Swimsuit With His Face On It To Deter Men


Megan Echlin was flying high when she touched down in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria for a family holiday – until she received a swimsuit with her dad’s face on it.

via Twitter; Swimsuit father gave Megan

It turned out the present was from Tony, her dad, who explained to her he had purchased it ‘so no men look at you’. However – the 26-year-old garnered the stares of men, women and kids when she posted up poolside. Megan, from Nottingham, stated: “I couldn’t believe it when I opened it. My dad said it was ‘so no men look at you’. I put it straight on and everyone round the pool was laughing and staring.” Meg continued: “Later that evening I was waiting in the restaurant for mum and dad when all of a sudden he walked through wearing the t-shirt with my face all over it. I nearly collapsed I was laughing so much. Again people realized when they looked at dad’s t-shirt then looked at me that it was my face on it and started laughing. We went out that evening onto the strip, people were laughing and stopping to take photos and actually asking for photos with us, even the locals.”

It appears the dad and daughter have endured instances like this in the past, though. In March, Meg – who depicts herself as a ‘care-dresser,’ giving she works in a care home as a hairdresser – furnished Tony with an apron with his face all over it for his 50th. For Father’s Day, she went one better too. Megan added: “A pub we go to in Nottingham had a picture up on the wall and he would always say ‘wouldn’t it be hilarious if my face was on all of them bodies in the picture’. So I actually got the picture and edited it all so his head was on every photo – one of them being an actual potato as he is bald. That was his Father’s Day present this year.”


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