‘Fifty Sandwiches’ Project Looks To Humanize The Homeless

Fifty Sandwiches
A homeless man folds up his bedding in the morning at the Harrington Hall homeless shelter in Cranston, Rhode Island November 18, 2009. After 24 consecutive months in which homeless shelters here have reported rising demand for beds, support groups here say urgent action is needed ahead of the worst winter months to prevent homeless people being left to fend for themselves in the bitter cold. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES BUSINESS) - RTXQWQ3

The stories that fill the Fifty Sandwiches website bring out a range of emotions. Some are heartbreaking and others inspiring. However, they all serve one purpose: to “close the gap from perception and reality.”

The Fifty Sandwiches project attempts to humanize the homeless community and give a rare peek into their personal stories. The creator of the project, Justin Doering has dedicated his life to gathering these stories, but now he plans on taking it a step further. After raising funds on Kickstarter, Doering has embarked on a cross-country trip to uncover even more of these forgotten parts of humanity.

Fifty Sandwiches
Fifty Sandwiches’ creator, Justin Doering

With more than half a million Americans finding themselves homeless, it is more important than ever to draw attention to this subject. Doering hopes he can shed some light and educate people on this underprivileged community.

“No one talks to these people … I used to just try to avoid eye contact with them,” says Doering. “But these are people that no one really knows anything about and are choosing to ignore. So I figured their stories are a really great one to tell.”

Fifty Sandwiches

Doering won’t just be interviewing his subjects. Like the project’s title suggests, he will share a meal with each of them as they share their stories.

“The plan is to toss the mattress in the van and travel the country to try to capture the experiences and stories behind the homeless population in the United States to show that there isn’t just one kind of homelessness,” says Doering.

Doering’s project has received national attention and has been featured in major media outlets, such as The Atlantic and the Idaho Statesman.

You can get more information on the Fifty Sandwiches project and how you can help on the project’s website, fiftysandwiches.com.

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