33% Of Facebook Users Are Friends With Their Boss [Infographic]

Facebook can unfortunately get people fired from their jobs over certain posts, and according to AVG, a whopping 33 percent of US adults between the ages of 18 to 25 are friends with their boss on the social network.

That comes out to about one-third, and the infographic shows similar trends around the World. AVG conducted the survey with 4,400 users total in 11 different countries.

When it comes to how many young adults are connected with their boss on Facebook, USA and Italy rank the highest at 33 percent, and Australia comes in second at 31 percent. Here’s a breakdown of all the other countries:

  • UK, Spain, Czech Republic: 30 percent.
  • New Zealand: 24 percent.
  • Canada: 22 percent.
  • Germany and Japan: 19 percent.
  • France: 8 percent.

This is worrying when you consider how many young adults forget that what they say can be heard by more than just their little circle of close friends.

With regard to how many users don’t restrict what they share with work colleagues, Japan ranked number one at 73 percent with the Czech Republic coming in at a close 70 percent. Here’s how other countries compared:

  • New Zealand: 67 percent.
  • UK: 66 percent.
  • Australia: 62 percent.
  • USA: 59 percent.
  • Italy: 58 percent.
  • Canada: 55 percent.
  • Spain: 53 percent.
  • Germany: 51 percent.
  • France: 50 percent.

Facebook is a popular destination for young adults and this survey goes to show that people don’t just friend those outside of work. The infographic also reveals how many posted something abusive which you can check out below:



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