Facebook Drives Twice As Much Revenue As Twitter [Infographic]

A new infographic shows that Facebook drives twice as much revenue as competitor Twitter. Put together by Eventbrite, the infographic shows the impact social networks have with regard to driving revenue and website traffic.

They found that whenever someone shares an event from their platform, it generates $3.24 on average to the event organizer. In calculating the value of each share by platform, Facebook had the highest at $4.15 per share, Twitter generated $1.85, and LinkedIn was in last at just $0.92 per share.

Even though the World’s top social network drives the most revenue, Twitter grew the most in value at a 330 percent growth rate from 2010 while Facebook grew at just 65 percent in the same time period. Yet again, LinkedIn ranked last with a measly 2 percent.

Twitter managed to drive over two times more traffic than Facebook at 33 visits compared to 14 visits. LinkedIn was just slightly behind at 10 visits.

Comparing which countries contributed the most in sharing, individual Facebook shares from Ireland contributed $10.37 in revenue. Twitter also saw Ireland as a large contributor at $9.03 and LinkedIn found France to be very impressive at $12.56 in revenue.

For a full look at all the insights, check out the infographic below.



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