Facebook Users Can Now Opt Into Page Notifications

Facebook and their EdgeRank algorithm can get a bad rap from both personal and business users, but a new feature has started to roll out which allows users to get notifications whenever a page posts something.

Previously, when someone “Liked” a page, they were given just two options: “Show in News Feed” or “Add to Interest Lists.” Now, when a page is liked, you can also select “Get Notifications.” If selected, whenever a page shares something, you’ll get a notification like you would when someone likes something, comments on your post, or tags you.

Although this is a nice addition, there has been a good amount of criticism from the business community. Kim Randall, a Social Brand Strategist, had this to say:

“Yet another ridiculous feature. This will annoy people so quickly. I get enough updates from messages, pages I admin etc…I don’t need to mix in pages. The average FB user likes more than 10 pages. Most active pages update more than once a day.”

It’s definitely a good argument. This ability doesn’t appear to everyone yet and is currently rolling out across the site. If you do click “Get Notifications,” notifications will show up as “[Page Name] shared a post.”

Facebook hopes that this will be a welcomed addition and that notifications won’t just appear on the desktop, but also on mobile devices, too.



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