Facebook Updating Friendship Pages

Facebook Updating Friendship Pages

Facebook is giving its Friendship Pages a redesign by adding Timeline to them and letting the two friends edit the page to their liking.

The new changes are being made to highlight the time Facebook users spend with their friends and family. They will likely be the most popular with high school sweethearts, best friends, and married couples who are constantly on the social networking site.

The newly redesigned Friendship Pages are eerily similar to a user’s regular Timeline profile page and will be automatically filled with messages, photos, and events that both people have attended.

With the latest update, users will even have the option to “Share Friendship” and post the page about them and whoever that friend is. The updates began rolling out to users on Thursday and will continue for the next few days.

While those who have had enough time to explore all Facebook has to offer have probably discovered these Friendship Pages, they are not widely known. To view a friendship page you have with someone, go to their profile and click the gear to the right of the Messages tab. You will want to click on “see friendship.”

The old-style page still shows the Facebook before Timeline, but it’s still a slightly disturbing look at just how much information the social network is able to compile about each user.



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