Facebook Teaches New Members Of Congress How To Use A Page

Facebook in the past has provided tips on how to increase fan engagement for members of Congress and now the social network has created a guide for developing pages that was thought up for incoming Congressional members. The social network published the guide on Friday and it specifically talks about getting started with pages alongside a list of best practices.

Here are some of those tips:

  • Set up your page with a good cover photo, profile photo and comments policy.
  • Set profanity filters, admin roles and posting ability of fans.
  • Create a “conversation calendar” to map out key dates and postings a few weeks in advance.
  • Promote your page everywhere. Ask email list contacts to become fans.
  • Post behind the scenes photos and videos.
  • Introduce fans to your DC office and staff.
  • Create a welcome video.
  • Do a regular Q&A with fans.
  • Add milestones.
  • Explain the votes you take.
  • Utilize photos and images.
  • Add Facebook plug-ins to your website.
  • Already have a profile? Turn on subscriptions or migrate all friends to a page using https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate.

The social network also shared tips on best dimensions for a cover photo and profile picture. FB reps also shared an example of a comments policy taken from The U.S. Army page which is pretty straightforward. The comment guidelines can be found here under the “About” section.

Facebook has provided some good information that fits not just for new members of Congress, but also most other public figures.

You can take a full look at the guide below.



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