Facebook Photo Sync Out Of Beta: How To Enable On iOS Or Android

Facebook Photo Sync

Facebook Photo Sync has been in beta testing for weeks now and started rolling out to all iOS and Android users today. The feature works in the background of the users iOS or Android based device to automatically upload photos to a private unpublished Facebook album. Users can decide to share their photos at a later time and to share multiple photos at once.

To enable photo syncing on your iOS or Android device follow these steps (they are the same on both devices):

  • Load up the Facebook mobile app (not website).
  • Click the navigation bar icon on the top left.
  • Select “Photos”.
  • If you have Facebook Photo Sync, you’ll see a button that says “Sync” at the very bottom of the Photos page.
  • Hit “Sync” and you’re ready to go!
  • Once enabled, you can adjust the settings, They are “Sync over Wi-Fi or cellular” and “Sync over Wi-Fi only.”
  • To turn it off, select “Don’t sync my photos.”

If you take a lot of photos it may be best to set Wi-Fi only to avoid mobile data usage. Facebook does help reduce data usage as much as possible, for example 3G or 4G photos will be uploaded at a smaller size, around 100KB each.

Facebook Photo Sync is a great feature for smartphone users on the go and if you don’t have the feature yet it will be rolling out gradually to all Facebook users.



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