Facebook Takes On LinkedIn With Social Jobs App

Facebook isn’t oblivious to niche social network LinkedIn, and today introduced its Social Jobs app which allows users to search and find a job. This news comes the same day that a Pages Only Feed was confirmed to be rolling out.

Social media has drastically changed the job market and made it even easier to find a job that you qualify for. Unfortunately, depending on the job, you can be dealing with potentially hundreds of other applicants.

Found at Facebook.com/SocialJobs, there are currently over 1.7 million jobs in the database with that number expected to grow every single day. Unlike LinkedIn, which relies mostly off of jobs submitted directly by companies, Facebook has partnered with US.jobs, Monster, BranchOut, Jobvite, and Work4 Labs.

Many of their job listings are integrated which makes it very easy for users to find a job without leaving the site. As one would expect, the interface is pretty standard. You select keywords, location, category, and subcategory.

As a way (or so it seems) of showing support for veterans, there’s also a checkbox to show veteran-friendly jobs. This new feature has many implications. LinkedIn is known as the place to go in social media when it comes to finding a job, but their userbase is just a fraction of Facebook’s.

While it probably won’t be much of a hit for now, if Facebook can manage to increase the amount of listings and make it more simple for people to apply for jobs, it could have a dramatic effect on engagement.

With already half of employers scouring Facebook for potential employees, the Social Jobs app is a natural fit.



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