Facebook Messenger For Android No Longer Requires Facebook Account Access

Facebook Messenger allows you to keep in touch with your friends and with a new update to the Android app a Facebook account is no longer required. Essentially Facebook has turned its Messenger platform into a new kind of SMS app.

With an update available today and the feature rolling out over the next few weeks, Android users can sign in with just their name and phone number. Facebook Messenger then does all the work of pulling in your mobile contacts. You can also share more than just text thanks to group conversations and photo sharing capabilities.

The feature will first make it’s way to people in India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa. The social network then wants to expand internationally and make it easier for people to message their friends.

Requiring an account somewhat limits Facebook’s reach which is why it’s rolling out the change to Facebook Messenger.

iOS users will also receive the no account required feature although there’s currently no set time frame for the iOS release.

After yesterday’s news of a potential acquisition of WhatsApp it appears that deal may have fell through, forcing Facebook to move forward with its own existing app.

You can download Facebook Messenger for Android here.



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