Facebook Launches Weather Service For Event Updates And Pages

Facebook Weather Service Page View

Facebook on Friday rolled out a new weather service feature that adds important weather information to events updates and unowned parks and city pages. The feature is the perfect way to allow guests to check weather conditions before they attend an event. The update also provides yet another option for keeping Facebook users on the social networks platform for longer periods of time.

The weather update came about during one of the company’s famous hackathons which challenge programmers to come up with exciting new features in a short period of time.

Event planners also see predicted weather patterns as they create an event, an option that might help avoid bad weather for outdoor events. If the event must occur on a certain day event planners can remind attendees to bring an umbrella or other items.

The Facebook weather service also shows a 10-day forecast if the event will occur within 10 days from the time of event post creation:

Facebook Weather Service

Data for the Facebook weather program is provided by Weather Underground and displays like this:

Facebook Weather Page View

If you use Facebook mobile the weather service also displays on that platform with an easy to view layout:

Facebook Mobile with Weather

Facebook also provides outbound links to Weather Underground information. Users who leave FB can view satellite imagery and various other forms of weather data related to the events location.

This is not the first service to offer Facebook based weather integration, The Weather Station offers the My Friends’ Weather which allows users to login and see which Facebook Friends are at risk of bad weather conditions. Here’s a promo for My Friends’ Weather:

Do you think Facebook is doing a good job at adding new useful features to its network?



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