Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To Murder Her What?

amanda bynes

Oh, Amanda Bynes. You used to be so cute and funny and sane.

The former Nickelodeon star got people talking today when she asked Drake to do her favor. It’s a pretty bizarre a request so let’s play a little game. Can you guess what Amanda Bynes wants Drake to murder?

Did Amanda Bynes ask Drake to murder her:

  • A.) Puppy
  • B.) Boyfriend
  • C.) A paparazzi photographer
  • D.) Her vagina
  • E.) Jay-Z

If you said Vagina, surprisingly, you’d be correct. Amanda Bynes wants drake to murder her vagina.

Bynes attraction to Drake has escalated pretty quickly. In less than a week, Bynes went from calling Drake a “hot fellow” to asking him to murder her vagina.

Are you a fan of Amanda Bynes? Before you judge her on her vagina murdering fetish, you should know that this could be a fake a Twitter page. The former celebrity quit the social network last year and doesn’t have a verified account at the moment. @AmandaBynes does link to the actress’ Instagram account and does include several self shots of the actress. The account also has more than 300,000 followers. The only thing that hints at it being a fake account is that it’s so bizarre.

But hey, we’re talking about Amanda Bynes. The woman who thought that she could get a personal favor from President Obama to get her out of a DUI.



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