Facebook Drives 3x More Social Shopping Sessions Than Polyvore, Study Finds


Facebook referral traffic grew 58.81 percent this year, and according to a new infographic, it drives 3x more social shopping sessions than the next closest social network.

RichRelevance, a company helping retailers with personalized shopping experiences, analyzed over 689 million online shopping sessions from January 1 to September 30.

Here were the findings:

  • Facebook drives 3x more social shopping sessions, and 10x more orders than Polyvore.
  • Facebook has the highest average conversion rate at 2.69 percent.
  • Polyvore came in at 1.17 percent, Pinterest at 0.96 percent, and Twitter at 0.49 percent.
  • While Facebook was number one in total sales from social shopping sessions, Polyvore had a 4x higher average value per order.

From Chief Marketing Officer Diane Kegley:

Facebook’s audience is huge, so it’s not surprising that it drives a mass audience, with somewhat lower average spend, on retailer sites. Pinterest and Polyvore attract a different shopper — in large part because of the user experience: Those sites are very visual and engaging and in many ways mimic a curated catalog experience with ensemble shopping.

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Kokou Adzo

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