Pinterest Referral Traffic Up 66%, Facebook And Twitter Closely Behind


Pinterest announced a new widget for Android last week, and according to a new report, its referral traffic grew 66.52 percent from 2012.

Facebook’s referral traffic increased 58.81 percent, Twitter’s by 54.12 percent and YouTube’s by 52.8 percent.

LinkedIn also did well with a 34.51 percent increase in referral traffic, and Google+ saw growth of 6.97 percent.

Shareaholic published its Social Media Traffic Report which analyzed data between September 2012, and September 2013 from 200,000 different publishers.

Combined, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounted for 15.22 percent of total social media traffic in September 2013.

Stumbleupon and Reddit have both experienced double digit declines compared to a year prior, coming in at 27.47 percent and 35.16 percent respectively.

According to Shareaholic, Google+ still has some growing to do:

Although Google+ referred a fair number of visits to online publishers last month (0.04% is a substantial number when we’re looking at a data set of hundreds of millions of visits), it is hardly a leading referral source. Google+ is consistently dwarfed by the competing social media sites. The Daily Muse (via Mashable) notes that there is a lot of conflicting data relating to Google+’s relevance as a social media platform. Our data suggests it probably shouldn’t be a top priority for digital marketers, but — of course — that can change at any moment.

With Pinterest rolling out new Article Pins, its referral traffic could see steady growth as we move into 2014.

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