Facebook Acquires SportStream For Undisclosed Terms

Facebook Acquires SportStream In December for undisclosed sum

Last month Facebook announced a new partnership with SportStream, a company that analyzes social media mentions of sports and provides clean data access to news outlets and teams. On Tuesday the world’s largest social network announced the acquisition of the company.

In November we reported that Facebook had partnered with SportStream. Under the agreement SportStream would gain access to the Facebook API, while providing insight into the data it collected.

Apparently the idea of providing real-time sports data was enough for Facebook to pick up the company.

The goal of SportStream was complex but at the same time simple. To take the millions of social media interactions that occur on a daily basis and turn that sports data into meaningful and beautifully outputted pieces of information.

While terms have not been revealed it appears that the SportStream team will integrate with Facebook and continue their work.



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