Reddit Engagement Plea: Can You Help Find This Cute Couple?

reddit engagement rockefeller center

A viral Reddit engagement photo last week has been followed by another Reddit engagement thread … but this time, the grumpy neckbeards of Reddit’s fedoras have grown two sizes, proving the site isn’t populated by cranky internet denizens.

The last Reddit engagement post mocked a (to be fair) pretty mockable ring show-off pic. This one, however, lacks the self-aggrandizing diamond brag and instead captures a sweet and apparently private moment in front of the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, in New York City.

(Of course, probably one of the least private places in the world right now is the holiday epicenter of Manhattan, but it sure looks romantic and quiet.)

After a post titled “Anyone know a couple who got engaged at the Rockefeller tree last night? I’d love for them to have this!“, u/JohnnyThunders writes in the thread itself:

“I know these engagements happen all the time, but I was surprised to be at such a nice viewpoint. I’d really love for them to have this!”

Of course, the thread was not without wet blankets, and one user claimed that NBC pays “actors” to get engaged in Rockefeller Center around the holidays because … profit? JohnnyThunders replies:

“Doubt it. They have a special section on the website called ‘engagements on ice’ where you can pay to empty the rink out for 10 minutes to propose. I’m sure they’d rather make money on it than spend money on it.”

As of yet, the Reddit engagement photo couple has not stepped forward to claim their moderate viral fame, and JohnnyThunders hasn’t reported contact with a possible new fiance or fiancee … so, do you know anyone who got engaged at Rockefeller Center last night and may not have a photo of the big moment, one which may have been a carefully planned surprise?



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