Facebook Partners With SportStream To Provide Real-Time Sports Data


Facebook is well aware of Twitter’s edge when it comes to covering events in real-time, and has partnered with SportStream.

SportStream provides real-time data around major sporting events, and Facebook will use this data to help news organizations, including sports teams.

When the service first launched in June 2012, it originally focused on apps, but its shift to becoming a data company appears to be paying off.

Under the new partnership, SportStream will have access to Facebook’s Keyword Insights API.

As TechCrunch explains, the API will help to offer a wide variety of possible search queries:

It’s now releasing a search interface for these APIs that makes it easy to construct queries like “What part of the country talks about football the most?”, “Do young people chat more about Kobe Bryant or LeBron James”, and “Which home city is talking more about the big Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees game?” SportStream then visualizes that data with graphs and maps as clips for TV news or embeds for news websites.

While Facebook is working on providing more real-time data, the News Feed is still designed to surface the most relevant, not latest content.

However, a News Feed update in August mentioned the ability to determine if someone you follow is posting about an event or person in real-time, and display the updates more appropriately.

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