Extreme Road Rage Caught On Tape; Driver Loses It On Cyclist

road rage

It’s a shocking example of road rage caught on film! The footage shows a man driving a a large 4×4 going on a wild rant about a cyclist that may or may not of hit his car.

From the perspective of the cyclist, the video begins with the car slowing down to let the cyclist catch up to him. Eventually, the car pulls over and the driver immediately jumps out and starts hurling expletives at the cyclist. It seems he is upset that the cyclist is not using the bike lane. The biker explains that he legally doesn’t have to use the bike lane if he doesn’t want too, but the 4×4 driver doesn’t care. He is in full road rage mode and begins to accuse the cyclist of hitting his car. The video doesn’t show what happens to cause the confrontation, but there is no denying this man is slightly off his rocker.

After threatening to physically harm the cyclist, the man gets back in his car. The video ends with the man driving off still shouting angrily. We admit, the cyclist does kinda antagonize the angry driver.

The video is filled with cursing and the driver can be heard saying some pretty harsh stuff to the cyclist, such as ‘Put your bike down you ****. ******* idiot. I’d ******* eat you for breakfast. You simple ****. ‘I’ll call the ******* police. Did you thump my car you ****? I’ll ******* kill you, ****. ‘I’ll smash your ******* teeth down your throat.’

The cyclist and person filming the road rage incident remains unnamed, although the video has been obtained by many online news sources. It is quickly garnering views.

Metropolitian police say the driver is a 50-year-old man who voluntarily went to the police station to be interviewed about the incident. He has not been arrested or punished in any way.

Let this be a lesson. Regardless what kind of transportation you choose, make sure you are aware of other people on the road.

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