‘Instant Karma’ Road Rage Video Viral On YouTube, Driver Arrested

Last week, a YouTube video about an “instant karma” road rage incident involving a Florida man and the slow-driving woman in front of him filming the encounter went viral on Reddit’s r/justiceporn — with users as annoyed at the iPhone wielding driver as they were with the man aggressively tailgating her.

In the clip above, titled “Instant Karma Redneck Road Rage,” it appears that a woman — not visible to viewers and who has since publicly requested she not be identified — can be seen filming with a handheld smartphone as the man driving the pickup truck behind her becomes visibly angered at his inability to pass in the left lane. (Which she is blocking.) Instead of slowing down and waiting for a chance to get around her, he begins riding her bumper and screaming and swearing.

Eventually, he pulls up beside her and starts directly yelling, calling her names and generally being scary and threatening. Finally, he passes her and gets into the left lane … only to spin out, swerve, and end up in the median facing the opposite direction. His large pickup truck sustains visible damage following the incident.

Perhaps as off-puttingly, if not worse, the woman does not put the phone down and call police to report the accident … instead, she laughs and says “that’s what you get … all on video, buddy!”

While the Instant Karma road rage video filmer was not charged for her role in the incident, the other driver –33-year-old Jeffrey White — was arrested after police used the clip to run his license plate info. White was charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of an incident, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Kim LaCapria

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