Events in the US You Shouldn’t Miss For Father’s Day

Father’s day is just around the corner and people are gearing up to celebrate with their beloved dads. However, with the pandemic, things are changed up a bit and people are celebrating either socially distanced or virtually. The great thing is a lot of places are now allowing more people into their businesses, and we can celebrate Father’s day like we did before. The more attractive thing is, many of these places offer discounts and free tickets for dads on Father’s day.

We could give our dads presents of their liking. We can also give our dads the best lunch cookout or the most romantic dinner ever. All these we could do in-person or virtually. But what else can we do for our dads this Father’s day? Here are some ideas:

In-person activities

Some places in the US now allow socially distanced in-person activities as long as the COVID-19 health protocols are properly followed. For families with less than 6 members, here are some great in-person activities that you could try:

NYC Cruises

Cool and exciting discounts are offered by the NYC Events Cruises. Brunch, lunch, and supper is also served to make the day even more special for dads.

Pittsburgh Zoo

The Pittsburgh zoo in Pennsylvania offers free entry for dads on Father’s day. Parents can take their kids to enjoy the attractions in Pittsburgh Zoo.

Columbus Zoo

For a limited time only, dads are given free tickets to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It is a great place to enjoy a socially distanced Father’s day.

Canobie Lake Park

For those looking for fun and adventure, this amusement park is the best place to go for Father’s day.

Genesee Country Village & Museum

Great lunch, unforgettable experience, and a museum to boot. This is one of the great places to go for in-person Father’s day celebrations.

Virtual Events

For people who would prefer spending time with their elderly dads at home, there are also virtual events that you could try out. Many of these are either free or charge at an affordable price. Here are some of them:

BLVD Kitchen’s Cooking Classes

Kids and their parents are welcome to attend a virtual cooking class at the BLVD Kitchen in LA. Among the lesson choices would be how to make brownies and jam.

Aquarium of the Pacific Coral Reef Tour

Dads and their kids are sure to enjoy this virtual coral reef tour that provides guided art lessons about reefs. Tickets are affordable and it is sure to be enjoyed by all in the family.

Father’s Day Virtual Recital by the Opera League of LA

For every dad that loves the Opera, there is a Father’s day performance hosted by the African Americans for LA.

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