Funniest Dad Jokes on the Internet That Will Have You Laughing

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Dad jokes are an international language that all dads in the world understand. Father’s day is the peak of popularity for dad jokes every year. It may be the only time we openly hear and search for dad jokes in our daily lives. Every dad in the world may have said a few punny jokes now and then.  Some new dads do say that they are excited to join the dad joke “dad-a-base” and are absolutely ready to rip out their first ones. Now, non-dads may not find a lot of these cringe-worthy jokes funny. However, the cringe-y-ness of it all has surely brought smiles to a lot of faces. Admit it, you have laughed at a few dad jokes even though they are a bit corny. In fact, you may have made a few yourself.

Now that Father’s day is just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some hilarious dad jokes?

A synonym roll?

Capitalism for fun

A total waist of time

Absolutely delighted!

Oh, shoot

Like good martini

And that’s what it’s all about

Oooh, too dark, too dark

And all dads have access to it!

Never too cool for sundae school

Who are you gonna call?

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It is a big plus, though

REALIZATION: its days are numbered

Eyebrows on fleek

Only nerds and dads will understand

I dare you to do it on an interview

We might be talking about the wrong sample here…

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