This Establishment Is Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Burgers


An establishment in the Bay-area has rocked the meatless meat industry with a new, mind-bursting class of meatless meat: air-based meat.

Air Protein announced today the unveiling of an air-based meat product that can be utilized to make burgers, turkey, chicken or pretty much any meat product you desire it to be. You can even use this air-based substance to make cereals, beverages and protein-enriched pastas.

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The item itself looks similar to a protein powder, however only consists of elements in the air, particularly carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen, which are then integrated with mineral nutrients and water to produce a base. Using fermentation (a probiotic production process) and renewable energy, Air Protein turns the elements into an edible substance (the powder base) using an amino acid profile analogous to that of real meat — it incorporates all nine basic amino acids, so it’s an absolute protein.

Air Protein too is enriched with vitamins, vitamin B12 included, which is found primarily in animal products and is challenging for many vegetarians and vegans to absorb enough of in their diets. Lisa Dyson, CEO of Air Protein, began the company after noticing that single-cell organisms could transform carbon dioxide into nutrients. The inquiry was, au fond, if they could pull it off, why couldn’t humans?

You must wait a bit before you’ll witness any meat made from air in the stores, since the establishment is still developing their tech into palpable consumer items. It’s too soon to know how this protein that’s air-based compares to faux or real meat in regards to long-term health, but perhaps it has the potential to defeat both in terms of ecological health.


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