Woman Designs Wedding Dress From 40 Empty Cement Bags [Video]

cement bags

A woman from China used 40 empty cement bags to craft a jaw-dropping wedding dress with a specially long train.

cement bags
Tan Lili, 28, shows off her incredible talent by forming a wedding dress out of 40 cement bags; Photo:

28-year-old Tan Lili, from Longnan city in northwestern Gansu Province, utilized the bags to produce a wedding dress unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Dubbed “The Cement Bag Empress Wu” by fans, the video Lili shared online (seen below) shows her walking in the unexpected wedding dress, dragging an extensive, cement bag train behind her and posing for the camera.


Lili simply enjoys doing handcrafts, expressing she was inspired when she came across the empty cement bags and elected to put them to creative use.

The footage has since went viral on Chinese and U.S. social media.

Believe it or not, concrete is a very versatile material. It’s not utilized just in buildings and big projects but too for smaller, DIY projects. You can spawn all sorts of things out of concrete and it’s frankly quite easy. It’s a material that permits you to shape it however you please without much effort.

A standardized ratio for mixing concrete from raw materials is 1 part Portland, to 2 parts concrete sand, to 3 parts gravel by VOLUME. One 94 pound bag of cement, 170 lbs of concrete sand, and 300 lbs of gravel will yield roughly 4.2 cubic feet of concrete.

Cement is manufactured through an intimately controlled chemical combination of silicon, calcium, iron, aluminum and other ingredients.


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