Emoji Passcodes Coming Soon [Video]

Have you ever felt annoyed at passcodes? Have you ever found yourself silently fuming at having to recall the hundredth passcode you created for that other account (no, not that one, that other account) on Instagram or Tindr (we won’t tell if you won’t)? Have you ever found yourself wracking your brain to create a truly unique, unguessable passcode for that new app — or are you the type who just can’t be bothered?

Now, thanks to Intelligent Environments, accessing your accounts can be as easy as Burger Burger Cat Smiley Poo. Yep, your favorite emojis may turn out to be your next passcode.

The company’s research showed that easily a third of the 1,300 sample people in the study have forgotten their PINs before, and 64% are quite comfortable communicating with emojis. The solution has practically presented itself!

“Forgeting passwords is because the brain doesn’t work digitally or verbally, ” explains Tony Buzan, a memory expert and the author of “Mind Maps”. “It works imagistically.” Hence, emojis being the perfect solution. “Images are the prime way to remember anything you want to remember.”

And with 2016 seeing the advent of over 250 brand-new emojis… well, that’s going to be a lot of combinations for a lot of passcodes.


Right now, though, the program takes stock of 44 emojis to  generate 3,498,308 permutations. Versus 7,290 non-repeating digits for regular passcodes, this makes emoji passcodes 480 times more secure, and a sure winner. At present, this is applied to bank accounts, putting the security of your finances in the hands of a smiley kissy-face. Indeed, good secure hands.

The folks at Intelligent Environments recommend you think of a day, a memory, or a story to help you create your passcode. You could think of waking up to the smell of coffee, and your favorite breakfast — eggs, toast, and a banana. Put them all together, and you’ve got your passcode.

Watch the video here:

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