Bill Nye Explains Evolution With Emoji [Video]

If scientific fact can’t convince people that evolution is real, maybe emoji (and Bill Nye) can.

The popular scientists just created a video to explain the basics of evolution. But this educational video takes a slightly different approach. Instead of boring viewers with complicated scientific terms and theories, Nye simplifies the idea of evolution into a two minute video that is full of cute emoji.

Mashable assistant editor Eric Larson writes that Nye used emoji because “kids these days speak a whole different language, what with their Google-y Docs and Tinder snaps. In an effort to save them, we asked Bill Nye to break down the basic concepts of evolution using only emoji. You’re welcome, Generation Z.”

Isn’t it amazing what emoji can do? In addition to explaining complex scientific theories like evolution, emoji can also be used for real-life wooden gifts.

Check out this video featuring Nick Offerman and his hand-crafted emoji. (This may have started as a joke but you can actually buy these things now.)

This isn’t the first time that Bill Nye has used an interesting approach to talk about evolution. Earlier this year the former television scientists debated creationist Ken Ham about the merits of evolution.

Dan Evon

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