Earthquake-Proof Bed Is Way Scarier Than Earthquake Itself [VIDEO]

earthquake-proof bed

Earthquakes can be terrifying experiences; just ask anyone who has lived through one. The powerless feeling of suddenly, irreversibly losing all sense of direction and stability is reportedly an unpleasant one. But it pales in comparison to this freaky (though probably effective) “earthquake-proof” bed. Here, just watch this animated demonstration if you don’t believe me.

Can you see what I mean? Hey, at least it comes with water and other emergency supplies. Not quite sure how you get to them, or if this thing just straight-up drops into a springboard of water bottles, but whatever. Can you imagine how inconvenient it must be when this thing accidentally goes off? One minute you’re sound asleep, the next minute you’re dropped into your own private war bunker. And then there’s the question of sexy-time activities. If the bed is a’rockin, and the earthquake emergency measures are deployed, can two people (or more, if you’re into it) fit in the bed-bunker comfortably?

Where did this crazy thing come from, anyway? According to the French video description, the bed’s designer is a 66 year-old retiree named Wenxi Wang. The full video description, translated to English, reads:

“Wenxi Wang, a Chinese retiree of 66 years, has patented a bed of his own invention which he said provides full protection to the occupant in the event of an earthquake.”

Cool. Great job, Wenxi Wang. Maybe next you can design a sofa that repels bears or a radiation-proof love seat. Maybe a zombie survival futon, complete with provisions and shotguns in case everyone’s biggest Walking Dead fantasy/fear comes true.

In any case, Wenxi Wang’s invention does look like it would keep you safe in an emergency situation. Now if only he could add the ability to automagically change into your superhero costume of choice and pop out, ready to fight crime. Oh well, maybe the next model.


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