Drunk Man Climbs atop Police Van to Eat M&Ms

Drunk man arrested after snacking on top of police van

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom (SND) — Manchester police report arresting a drunk man they found snacking on M&Ms and drinking a milkshake atop their van. At 10:56 PM, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted about the amusing encounter, saying: “Odd arrest early hours Sun; drunk man climbs on top of police van Piccadilly Gdns, happily tucking into his food + drink. Arrested D&D”.

They added: “Picnic on a police van’….hopefully not a growing trend!”

Cop Comedy

The case joins a host of other amusing law enforcement tales shared via the internet. In 2013, a reddit user asked police officers to recount their funniest arrests.

“This is one that comes to mind.” Replied /u/MSien. “Call for loud house party. Showed up and contacted the resident. Advised that I was well aware that there were under age kids drinking. Told them to get sober drivers and kick the kids out.” Apparently believing they were off the hook, the residents continued serving drinks to underage party-goers. After issuing another warning, MSien’s patience finally wore out when a fight broke out on the front lawn.

“Officers are interviewing involved parties out front. I’m walking around the back looking for stragglers. Back door comes flying wide open and about a half dozen kids come running out of the house. [I say] ‘Stop, police!’ and all that jazz. Kids obviously keep running, so I announce that I’m in a foot chase and start after them. I’m catching up to the person in the back of the group when, out of the blue, he stops and sits on a stone bench in the neighbors garden. Looks to me and says ‘Oh, good evening. I think they went that way.’ Completely bewildered, I ask ‘Are you high?!’ Why yes, yes he was.”

/u/BlueFirefly recounted “arresting” an apparition. “I had to arrest a ghost once.” He writes. “This poor lady with mental health problems called us saying the ghost had broken in to her flat and wouldn’t leave. So we fake arrested it and carted it out of the flat so she could relax in peace. She was very happy with us.”

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