Double Decker Bus Narrowly Avoids Car in Snow (and We Mean NARROWLY)

Driving in the snow can literally be torturous to the soul. When you are not avoiding black ice and slick patches, you are doing your best to actually stay in your lane without spinning out of control or hitting other vehicles, like double decker buses for example.

As you are about to see, one very talented bus driver and one very unlucky (yet very lucky) driver crossed paths recently in the U.K during a nasty little snowstorm and all I can say is, this car was about one second and two inches away from being flat a piece of scrap:

That car’s driver should be thanking all the gods in the world right about now. And kudos to the bus driver who knew that you turn WITH the slide and not against it.

That’s why we do to driver’s ed, which other car driver clearly didn’t.




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