Don’t Twerk On Live TV; Here’s Why


Twerking has had a bad rap for a dance move devoted to the callipygous and limber. for many who have attempted to pull this off, it’s mostly ended in a lot of ruined things — walls, tables, knees, and egos. You’d have thought that people would have learned by now, but well, you can’t really stop anyone who’s set their mind to twerking.

Thing is, if the next clip is any indication, it’s probably never a good idea to twerk in a skin-tight denim dress on live TV. (Caveat: the clip below is mildly NSFW for undie exposure.)

Oh no. That’s going to smart in the morning.

Big Brother UK contestant Lateysha Grace was evicted from the house on Wednesday, and was promptly invited for a sit-down at Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. She was asked to give a twerking demonstration. It did not go down well at all.

Twerking is actually not as simple as it would seem. Does it involve a precise angle to the knees? how far should your bum hang? Do you bend at the waist, or the hips? What are the physics involved? Although twerking can certainly seem complex, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out. Thank goodness we have the goddess that is Serena Williams to teach how it’s done right. We’re loving how she’s teaching us the right muscles to engage, and making us work it like a legit workout.

You go, Serena! You show those dudes how it’s done! That’s how you twerk like a tennis hero, ladies and gents. Learn well.


Feature image courtesy of Amira Rosenbush
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