Donald Trump’s Twitter Returned To Bashing Megyn Kelly Yesterday

Donald Trump's Twitter account returned its attention to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly with a vengeance.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account returned to its rant against Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly yesterday after a few months of relative civility towards the newswoman. The feud between Trump and Kelly started during an earlier debate when she confronted him on his stance on women, and quoted his Twitter account and other comments that he’s made about women.

After that debate he lashed out hard against Kelly, Tweeting racy pictures of her posing for GQ Magazine in an attempt to smear her credibility.

Then he realized that it’s not a good idea to call an anchor a “bimbo”, but since he knows how much his supporters hate “political correctness” he put out this well crafted Tweet to play to their feelings while also covering himself. After that Tweet went viral, Megyn Kelly quickly cut her hair in what has to be speculated as an effort to make herself appear more professional.

But last night as the Primary results were coming in Donald Trump’s Twitter returned to its bashing of Megyn Kelly. He rolled out a number of Tweets that cut at her. Now that Trump has the Republican nomination pretty much locked up, he can afford to return to bashing her.

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