Women Want Donald Trump to Know #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult [Twitter]

Oh, Donald Trump, you never cease to stump us.

Once a month, every woman finds herself surfing the crimson wave, and Amber Gordon was negotiating a pretty intense wave. Cramping, bloating, PMS of the highest order — this was one period that wasn’t going well.

so imagine her ire when she switched on the TV to see Donald Trump dismissing Fox News host Megyn Kelly, saying “she had blood coming out of her… wherever” on national TV as she moderated last week’s GOP debate.

Oh, fun fact: did you know that a woman’s PMS also shortens a woman’s tolerance for BS?

Naturally, Amber wasn’t having any of it.

“I was like, ‘Hmm… Are you saying she gets her period as an insult?’” Gordon shares with Mashable. Gordon, the founder of Femsplain, started #PeriodsAreNotanInsult that encouraged twitter users and vagina-owners to tweet their sentiments to the politician. The corresponding website not only tracks tweets with the hashtag, but also includes people who don’t have periods to send a message. Seeing the online barb, Trump was quick to defend his statement, saying that it was just a matter of not finishing his sentences.

Oh, of course, he was going to say her NOSE! For a candidate with a gross history of sexism and misogyny, how did we ever not think of that?!


Real fast, Trump, but these tweeps aren’t buying.


A few women were keen to share their cycles, courtesy of the app Clue.


Some people couldn’t resist to put a tampon on it.


Because, y’know, we ladies can handle a few days of biologically predispositioned internal bleeding and cramping. We’re kind of a big deal that way.


Some delivered zingers.


And some took to whimsy, because bloody hell why not?

PS: these awesome period panties are courtesy of Harebrained Designs, in case you were wondrin’.



Some dropped some massive truths to think about for the election, as well as another point of contention for Trump.


One thing’s for sure: these tweeps don’t want a president who sin comfortable with a woman’s cycle.


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