Colorado Veterinarians Claim Pot-Laced Human Turds Getting Dogs High


Roaring Fork Valley dogs have discovered an interesting way to get their buzz on: They are consuming human poop blemished with marijuana.

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Dr. Scott Dolginow, who’s the proprietor of Valley Emergency Pet Care, stated he is witnessing anywhere between three and 10 dogs weekly that come in with cannabis toxicity. His developing theory is that these pooches are digesting human feces that have sufficient THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed, in it to convey over for a secondary high. And they are unearthing these piles of ganja-laced stool in campgrounds and on trails. “Seventy to 80% of people say they have no idea where their dogs got it, but they say they were out on a trail or camping. I can’t believe that the owners are lying.” Dolginow added: “Most dogs will eat human feces given the opportunity.”

Dolginow, who in Moab too owns a vet clinic in proximity to a lot of camping areas, says there are too many cases of pups coming in with THC toxicity ailments after being outdoors to not think human droppings is the contributor. “It’s unlikely that many people toss an edible or a roach on the side of the trail,” he furthered. “It also makes sense from the level of toxicity we see.” Commonly there’s not much physicians can do and masters have to just let their pooches ride the wave until they come down. In more intense cases dogs are treated with IV fluids or are sedated, Dolginow explained. He threw in that on a regular basis when he is hiking Hunter Creek he sees human dung just off the trail.


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